Vitalyze Me partnered with BaseHealth, integrating BaseHealth’s health assessment engine data into the Vitalyze Me mHealth platform. Using the BaseHealth API, Vitalyze Me will track risk factors for more than 40 common complex diseases as well as information on 17 drug responses and 9 food responses, to help physicians create personalized action plans for preventative health.

Despite all of the noise in the healthtech world, we’re at a crossroads. Software is eating the world, as Marc Andreessen noted years ago, but healthcare is still lagging behind: expensive legacy systems are costly to maintain, the regulatory environment is difficult to navigate, and, as we all know, people don’t always do what’s best for them.

At BaseHealth, we believe that the developers and engineers behind today’s most promising technology will forge the road ahead, invent new solutions to legacy problems, improve the overall healthcare experience, and, ultimately, create a healthier future.

That’s why we’ve started this series — to recognize and celebrate the people whose behind-the-scenes innovations are driving healthcare toward a brighter future.

Vitalyze Me, a premium, personalized medical program that unifies state-of-the-art wellness and longevity medicine with modern technology, has partnered with BaseHealth to offer personalized genomic data and clinical analysis. The partnership will allow Vitalyze Me to integrate BaseHealth's comprehensive health assessment engine data into its existing system to provide patients access to a highly personalized health management platform.


Coming soon: An API for the human genome

A third wave is in progress now, focused on integrating genomic data with other types of data. Soon, a wide variety of health and wellbeing apps and platforms will be able to do things like connect variants to environmental, lifestyle, dietary, and activity related factors, guiding both sick and healthy people towards a fundamentally better quality of life. The promise of genomics is increasingly an everyday one.

What does this all mean? If genome sequencing is fast and cheap, analysis and interpretation are accurate, and genomic data is put into a wider context so that we can leverage insights in daily practice, many new things quickly become possible.

BaseHealth provides software for healthcare assessments. The BaseHealth API allows developers to integrate access to anonymous assessments, drug responses, food responses, and more — in order to generate evidence-based risk factors and individual health profiles.

We've come a long ways since the human genome was first decoded 13 years ago. Thanks to continued advances in high performance computing and distributed data analytics, doctors and computer scientists are finding innovative new ways to use genetic data to improve our health. The economics of genetic testing is creating a flood of genomic data.

Precision medical company today released a genomic API for BaseHealth health, fitness, well-being and medical application use. The API provides access to five services that can combine an individual's genomic information with evidence-based research to give more precise, personal recommendations for illness prevention, injury rehabilitation, health and lifestyle maintenance, and chronic disease management.



Today, BaseHealth also announced that they launched an API for developers. BaseHealth is offering five different services for developers to integrate through this API.

Assessments and content available through the API include an anonymous assessment — users will input genetic, diet, lifestyle, and environmental information and BaseHealth will produce the user’s risk profile for a requested disease — and curated content that BaseHealth will offer f0r a specific disease, for example associated genes and variants, risk factors ordered based on their impact on the disease, actions that could reduce the disease risk, and statistics about the disease and its prevalence.

5 new API services enhance health and well-being applications and incite the development of new genomic-driven innovations BaseHealth, the precision health and medicine company, has announced the launch of the BaseHealth API, a set of five calls that gives developers the ability to integrate genomic data and comprehensive health assessments into their health and wellbeing applications.


BaseHealth, Labco Sign European Partnership

December 8, 2014 | BaseHealth of Redwood City, Calif., has announced a partnership with the European diagnostics network Labco to deploy BaseHealth's Genophen platform to thousands of physicians across Europe. Genophen combines an integrated personal health record with personalized lifestyle advice and predictions of disease risk.

Today’s startups are preparing to work with the whole genome — and at the same time, to put DNA data on an even plane with traditional health metrics like diet, exercise, and family history. They are also toying with the idea that doctors may be their best customers, both from a regulatory standpoint, and in order to make the biggest impact on health.

BaseHealth has tapped Jorge Velarde to serve as its CEO and president. He is taking over from Hossein Fakhrai-Rad, current chairman of the board, who is now transitioning into a new role as the company's chief scientific officer.

Before taking on the role of CEO, Velarde was the interim CEO and senior vice president of business development and marketing at BaseHealth. Before he joined the company, Velarde was vice president of business development at Illumina. He also worked in business development at Gen-Probe, which was acquired by Hologic in 2012.